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Hotel Chuo Selene has a self-service area for guests on the first floor. If you have any questions, please contact reception during your stay.

Lobby with free Internet service and flat screen TV

A spacey lobby suitable for meeting people and exchanging information
Large flat screen TVs, web-connected computers, selected newspapers and magazines, and also tourist brochures are available.

Coin operated laundry machines and dryers

Coin laundry machines and dryers (3 units) make you comfortable even for a longer stay. You can use them 24/7.

Free kitchen

You can cook quick meals in the kitchen. You can eat in the lobby. A microwave oven is available. You can get something to eat at the supermarket and convenient store in the neighborhood.

Free locker

You can use the locker 24/7. They are large enough to hold large suitcases. If you would like to go sightseeing or stroll around town, you can keep your luggage in a locker even before check-in or after check-out.